Nearly two years ago, I heard a lady speaking on the local radio, that changed my life for ever.

I’ve never been entirely comfortable with Christianity — it’s influence is soaked into the very bedrock of English culture, yet it leaves me somehow unfulfilled.

I’ve always considered myself slightly Pagan in my beliefs and yet I hadn’t found anything Pagan that I felt fitted — I did a little research into Wicca, a few years ago, and didn’t really connect with what I found, so I left it there.

In March 2013, whilst driving to work, I was listening to Radio Oxford. A lady from The Druid Network came on talking about the Wheel of the Year and the changing seasons, wildlife, nature — suddenly something ‘clicked’. I listened with rapt attention and, when I got to work, started to frantically search the internet for anything to do with Druidry.

I started by devouring everything The Druid Network had to offer — it’s an excellent resource of free online learning materials that provide an excellent place to start and see whether this path is a good fit for your beliefs.

I was still uncomfortable with a lot of the new terminology used — many terms I still find a distinct turnoff, particularly those ‘borrowed’ from other cultures… I persevered, learning more and slowly starting to self-identify more and more with the label ‘druid’.

I found myself intrigued by the OBOD course, but was unwilling to commit that amount of money until I was much clearer about whether this path was truly for me.

A year passed, I followed the seasons, immersed myself more in the Internet-world of druidry, reading blogs and listing to the superb Druidcast podcast and the wonderful music of Damh the Bard, Spiral Dance and others. By February 2014 I had decided to give OBOD’s Bardic Course a try and sent off for the audio-only version.

In the year that followed, I’ve completed perhaps three quarters of the course and am finding it just the right mix of inspiration and information. I have been lucky enough to have access to my own ‘private’ Sacred Grove, hidden deep in some very public woodlands near where I work.

Now, I think I’m ready to share some of my thoughts with the wider world, and this blog and the associated Instagram and Twitter feeds will share my further journeys and inspiration.

Brief Biography

I’m male, 41 years old and develop websites for a living. I live and work in southern Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. The landscape around me, a landscape that has shaped my whole life, is steeped in ancient history — with the Ridgeway, Iron Age hill forts and neolithic burial mounds.


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