The Druid’s Journey Begins…

In the beginning… Was the journey. And the journey changes who we are, day by day, step by step. The journey is a story, the narrative of our daily lives. A quest of sorts, we’re seeking … something … the problem is, we often don’t know what it is.

I’ve been seeking … something … my whole life — 40 years on this planet and there has always been that nagging feeling that there should be something … more … 2 years ago, I discovered Druidry and suddenly, everything seemed to fit. Finally there was a name I could put to how I thought and felt about the world.

This blog is a continuation of that journey; one I’ve progressed in, and am confident enough about, to have something to share. What I’m planning, is a mixture of thoughts, philosophy and practical advice — what emerges, well we’ll see…


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Druid / Pagan living in South Oxfordshire, England, UK. Bardic Grade Member of OBOD & The Druid Network.

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